What's new in CE?


The official unofficial GS update repo. Helping to bridge the gap in PHP compatibility.

What has changed in this version of the Community Edition?

🚀 Added support for php7.4-8.2

New in this Update:

Massive Admin included by default (responsive admin + user manager + much much more...).

New Admin themes option.

ResponsiveCE default template (front-end starter theme).

New ckEditor plugins (Codemirror, YouTube, FontAwesome, etc.).

New Soport Page options (view errorlog & phpInfo).

New gsconfig option (view page tree by Title or Menu order).

New Copy Component code button.

Other minor fixes and cleanup.

Previous Updates:

  • Fix deprecated Text-encoding HTML-ENTITIES for php8.2.
  • Hotfixes: form action reflection, add phar to blacklist, .htaccess
  • Fix bug in Components if none exist.
  • Fix non numeric error on gsdebug.
  • Fix vulnerability #1335 (GetSimpleCMS/GetSimpleCMS#1335)
  • Fix error message (empty log file) #1312 (GetSimpleCMS/GetSimpleCMS#1312)
  • Fix missing php7 extension on file_ext_blacklist #1237 (GetSimpleCMS/GetSimpleCMS#1237)
  • Add .webp support for GetSimple CMS #1350 (GetSimpleCMS/GetSimpleCMS#1350)
  • Add thumbnail creation on upload.
  • Update Google Fonts to local in Innovation theme (for German GDPR).
  • Changed function name do to deprecated class constructor.
  • Further 8.x compatibility from Topic with fixes (Forum Thread)

Why should you trust us?

We are creating a community that does not want to abandon such an important project. We work ourselves using the GetSimple CMS CE solution. The current official website of the project is not sufficiently developed. Hence the idea to change it.

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